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Premium Line

Our Premium Line is our high end, high quality, raw, virgin, unprocessed Indian human hair for the Prima Donna who only wears the very best! All hair comes to Hair Magnifique direct from India. Raw hair only comes in three textures: Straight, Wavy or Natural Body Wave/Natural Curl. These are the only possible raw, natural and unprocessed Indian textures. Any other Indian texture has been treated in some way, be it heat or chemical. All hair is sanitized, sewn on a weft, washed and deep conditioned only. Absolutely no chemicals have been used on our Premium Line of hair. This is the finest quality hair money can buy. All hair comes in its natural state as it was on the donors head. With raw, virgin hair, no two bundles are the same and no two curl or wave patterns are exactly the same, as each donor's hair is different.

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