Ghost Bond Supreme is a unique water-based copolymer wig adhesive that was designed by top chemists to give you a superior hold that no one will notice. It offers superior holding power under the most adverse conditions such as heavy perspiration, oily skin, high temperatures and humidity. Ghost Bond Supreme is formulated to dry clear and absorb light so your hairline is non-detectable. This high-performance adhesive contains no harsh chemicals, no toxic ingredients, and no latex so it is safe and gentle on your skin. Works well with lace and polyurethane hair units.

Ghost Bond Supreme Adhesive (1.3oz)

    • 1.3oz Bottle of Poly & Lace Adhesive (i.e. Works well with lace and polyurethane hair units.)
    • Formulated for oily scalps, heavy perspiration, high temperatures and excessive humidity to keep the bond strong between your skin and hair.
    • Dries quickly leaving a clear, matte finish that absorbs light so no one can see your hairline.
    • Contains no harsh chemicals or toxins and no latex so it is 100% safe for your skin.
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