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All of our clip-in wefts are custom made and made to order.  All of our clip-ins come in natural color (similar to a 1b color or black), and in packs of 10 pieces (120g total/pack).  Ships in approximately 3 weeks. 


  • One 10 inch wide weft - 5 clips per weft
  • Two 8 inch wide wefts - 4 clips per weft
  • Three 6 inch wide wefts - 3 clips per weft
  • Two 4 inch wide wefts - 2 clip per weft
  • Two 2 inch wide wefts - 1 clip per weft


You can customize the following to fit your personal needs:


  • Length
  • Texure 

All of our clip-ins are made with Virgin Human Hair.  No treatments or chemicals have been added or used on the hair. All hair is sanitized, washed and deep conditioned. Hair can be colored, curled or straightened.

Custom Clip-in Wefts 120g

  • 100% Virgin Human Hair; clip-in weft; 120g/pack; you can color, curl and straighten this hair. It will return back to its natural luster after every wash. Comes in pack of 7 pieces.

  • Ships in approximately 3 weeks. Also available for in-store pickup in approximately 3 weeks.

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